Hylio's UAV platform was designed to maximize performance, reliability, and safety. The same qualities that make our drone the world's most advanced delivery UAV, also make it a powerful system for a wide range of other drone applications.


  • 65 minutes of flight time
  • 10 mile max range
  • 15 pound max payload
  • Ingress Protection Level: 55 (With Covers)
  • Ultra-stable flight
  • Extremely low vibrations
  • Programmable LEDs
  • Support for delivery hardware, camera gimbals, and other devices




  • Automated Parcel Delivery
  • Aerial Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Surveying
  • Infrared Monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Security
  • Thermography
  • Law Enforcement
  • Disaster Response

Unparalleled Reliability and Safety

Although we take the performance of our drones seriously, we firmly believe that no amount of power justifies a UAS that is either dangerous or unreliable. To achieve new standards of reliability and safety, the platform has multiple redundancies at every operational level:

  • Triple Redundant Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    • The IMU is the heart of the onboard flight controller and required for stable flight.
    • Our system supports automatic IMU failover and recovery if any of the IMUs fail in-flight.
  • Dual Redundant, Wide-Protocol GPS
    • Each of our two GPS modules supports concurrent connections to the U.S. GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou satellite systems.
    • This level of connectivity and redundancy allows the UAV to always know where it is with a positional accuracy of well under 1 foot.
  • Dual Redundant Battery and Power Delivery
    • The UAV has two independent primary batteries, each of which are completely capable of powering the UAS.
    • Each battery is paired with its own dedicated power delivery system, which constantly reports the battery's condition to the flight controller.
    • A failed battery automatically triggers an automatic return to home.
  • Redundant Hex Configuration
    • Due to its six motors, the UAV can sustain a single motor failure and remain in control.
    • Any motor failure or thrust degradation immediately triggers an automatic return to home.
  • Automatic Parachute
    • Our UAV is one of the only commercially available RTF drones that has a fully automatic parachute system.
    • In the (extremely unlikely) scenario of concurrent multiple system failure, the UAV automatically detects a loss of control and releases the on-board parachute to slow its descent to safe speeds.