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Product FAQ

Where can I purchase a drone?

Follow this link to purchase a Hylio Agrodrone.

How big is the drone?

The Agrodrone has the following dimensions when its arms are locked in ready position: 67x59x24 inches ( 170x150x61 centimeters ) The Agrodrone can be folded for easier transportation, in this mode, its dimensions are: 35x42x24 inches ( 89x107x61 centimeters ). Without batteries, the Agrodrone weighs 33.5 pounds (15.2 kilograms)

What type of batteries does the drone use?

The Agrodrone operates off of a 12s (or 44.4V) nominal voltage. The Agrodrone utilizes a pair of 30Amp, 6S Lithium Polymer batteries with heavy-duty connectors, which are designed to stand up to repeated, daily use. Each of these batteries weighs 7.9 pounds (3.6 kilograms).

How do I charge the batteries?

Like all lithium-polymer batteries, the Agrodrones’ batteries require a LiPo battery charger unit.  This charging unit requires an AC power source. Hylio’s Charging Station is capable of charging two pairs of batteries simultaneously.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

Depending on what rate at which you choose to charge the batteries, one pair will typically take approximate 35-50 minutes to charge.

What is the payload of the drone?

The Agrodrone has a tank capable of carrying 4.5 gallons (17 liters) of liquid product. The Agrodrone can carry a payload of 37.5 pounds (17 kilograms).

What is the flight-time of the drone?

Flight-time of the Agrodrone is dependent on weather conditions, but typically you can expect 14 minutes of flight-time at full payload, and 65 minutes at zero payload.

Which types of nozzles do the drones use?

The Agrodrone is equipped with six nozzle-bodies secured onto carbon fiber rods. These nozzle bodies are compatible with any Teejet nozzles. You can change nozzle types simply and quickly, by hand.

What is the spray width of the drone?

Thanks to our carbon fiber extension rods, the Agrodrone can effectively spray at 15-20-foot (4.6 to 6.1 meter) swaths, depending on the product and environmental conditions.

What is the flow rate of the drone?

The Agrodrone is capable of spraying at a range of flow rates between 0.07 gallons/min and 0.6 gallons/minute (1 liters/minute – 2.50 liters/minute). Typically, this translates to 1.12 gallons/acre (10 liters/hectare) for most ultra-low volume applications, however the Agrodrone can be used to spray as little as 0.88 gallons/acre or as much as 9.9 gallons/acre (3.3 liters/hectare to 37.5 liters/hectare).

How many drones can I control at once?

Using Hylio’s unique mission control software, Agrosol, a single operator can technically command X number of Agrodrones from a single device (as many as they want!) However, Hylio recommends that a single operator does not attempt to control more than five Agrodrones simultaneously, in order to ensure that the proper safety procedures can be followed by the pilot.

How do I communicate with the drone(s)?

Agrosol, Hylio’s mission control software, is a Windows 10 compatible application. Any Windows 10 device that meets the benchmark stats can run Agrosol. We recommend using a laptop or tablet. This ground station will communicate with the Agrodrone(s) using a USB-powered, long-range radio telemetry modem. This modem operates between 902 and 928 MHz. Each Agrodrone also comes with a hand-held transmitter-controller for manual control. This transmitter-controller operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency.

What certifications
licenses do I need to spray with these drones?

The rules and regulations regarding crop-spraying using UAS (or drones) are entirely dependent on the region you are operating in. If you plan on spraying in the United States, check out this link. If you are operating in other parts of the world, we recommend you check out your country’s UAS regulations and agricultural regulations before proceeding with any spray operations.

Are the drones autonomous?

Yes. Besides clicking “Take Off”, the Agrodrones are completely autonomous. They will fly auto-generated waypoint missions, control flow-rate, monitor tank and battery levels, and return to their designated landing points all on their own. Agrosol has built-in features to ensure that Agrodrones which are operating simultaneously will not collide with one another.

Can I fly the drone manually?

Yes, the Agrodrone comes with a handheld transmitter-controller that can be used to control the Agrodrone manually, similarly to a camera-drone you may have used in the past. In this mode, you will have direct control of the throttle, pitch, yaw, and roll of the Agrodrone, and will still be able to manipulate the flow controls as you see fit.

Is it difficult to control the drone(s)?

We designed our Agrodrones for maximum usability. You do NOT have to be an expert drone pilot or engineer to operate our Agrodrones effectively. For most people, regardless of background, it typically takes only one to two days of operating to get comfortable with the controls of our software and the Agrodrones. Along with the Agrodrones, we include manuals, checklists, and video tutorials that are concise and easy to follow. Additionally, you may always reach out to us at or by phone at ‪(281) 310-0939 at any time, for support. Our customers have told us it’s easier than they imagined, the Agrodrones do fly themselves, after all.

Does Hylio offer drone training?

Yes, training comes included with any purchase of an AgroDrone, upon delivery of the AgroDrone(s) to the customer's property. Hylio also offers standalone drone training at our location in Richmond, Texas, or on-site at the customer's location. Typically, training is between 5 to 8 hours with one of our drone experts, depending on the client's level of engagement. The AgroDrones are designed to be extremely easy to operate and maintain, it only takes a few hours to cover the basics. Besides standard operational training, our experts are happy to divulge as much of their personal UAS application experience as possible, which helps our customers further improve their farms and businesses.

How do I generate missions for the drones to fly?

Using our intuitive app interface and a provided handheld GPS device, you can digitally mark the edges of your lot, as well as obstacles within the field. Using these markers as a framework, you can generate a polygon that will represent the are that your Agrodrone will fly. Through Agrosol, you can control numerous mission parameters, including, but not limited to: altitude of flight, flow-rate, spray swath width, flight speed, and angle of flight. Uploading these missions to the Agrodrones is a simple, one-click process.

What if there are trees/fences/powerlines/etc. on my property?

As described in the previous question, obstacles should be digitally stored in the mission generation phase. Through this process, the Agrodrones will automatically fly routes that avoid these marked obstacles. In the case that an object was not marked in the mission planning phase, on-board radar sensors can detect obstacles in front of the Agrodrone, but it is important to note that due to the speed and environmental conditions at which the Agrodrones may operate, radar detection of obstacles is not guaranteed to prevent an accident. It is important to stay alert and exercise caution whenever the Agrodrones are operating.

What happens if the drone crashes?

In most cases, an Agrodrone crash can be easily repaired by the operator (you) within the same day. The Agrodrone was designed to be repaired and maintained efficiently; as long as you have the right parts on hand, replacing them can be done with common tools, which are included in your purchase of the Agrodrone. For more serious crashes, it may be necessary for a Hylio technician to visit your site for repairs, or you may need to send the Agrodrone to our location in Texas. At Hylio, as service providers ourselves, we understanding how frustrating drone crashes can be. We are dedicated to resolving your problems as quickly and painlessly as possible so you can get the job done.

Service FAQ

How do I order your services?

Email us at or call us at ‪(281) 310-0939 to communicate directly with one of our sales representatives

What regions do you service?

We currently offer spraying services in the Central American region. Please contact us for further details.

What crops do you service?

Hylio is open to spraying any and all types of crops. We have experience servicing sugar cane, corn, rice, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, soy, and okra, and are excited to service more!

What products do you spray?

Hylio is capable of spraying any type of liquid product. We have experience with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, ripeners, flower inhibitors, and more.

Do your drones cause chemical drift?

Quite the opposite. Even in the most disadvantageous conditions, our Agrodrones have been shown to produce practically no chemical drift. Using lidar/radar sensors,our Agrodrones maintain a precise altitude above your crops, typically between one and two meters. This low altitude, coupled with the downward blowing rotors, gives our Agrodrones great vertical penetration, while simultaneously eliminating the chemical drift you would typically see with planes or helicopters. Additionally, our operators monitor weather conditions, to ensure that they do not attempt to apply when wind or heat conditions are not ideal.

How much land can you cover?

On average, a single Hylio spray team can cover 100-150 acres in a typical workday.This number depends on the characteristics of your land; the larger the lots, and the fewer obstacles there are, the greater our efficiency.

What if my lots are very small (or very big)?

Like our Agrodrones, our service is extremely flexible. We simply scale our team size and drone fleet to the job at hand. Whether you have several small, scattered lots, or large tracts of land, we are happy to offer our services to you.

What if my property has trees (powerlines, fences, elevation changes, etc)?

One of the great things about our Agrodrones is that they can safely navigate complicated lots that traditional applicators would have to skip. Thanks to our intelligent flight planning, sensors, and obstacle avoidance technology, we can handle even the roughest of terrain.

Who/what will arrive at my property for the application?

The size of the spray team depends on the size of the job, but typically you can expect two to three Hylio staff members to arrive in a pickup truck or a small box truck with three to five Agrodrones. They will bring all necessary equipment along with them in their truck, including a water tank for dilution purposes, so you don’t need to worry about providing anything besides the product to be sprayed.

What time of day can Hylio operate?

Our spray teams are accustomed to working at all hours of the day, including night shifts. Depending on the crop or product being applied, it may be advantageous to apply at night, or very early morning, without the interference of sunlight. If you have a preference, let us know, and we will accommodate it.

Does Hylio provide the product, or do I?

It’s up to you. We can procure and apply the product ourselves, leading to a completely hands-free process for you. All Hylio field staff, including our pilots, are trained agronomists who understand all of the technical details that go into a proper product application. Alternatively, you can provide the product yourself, and if you prefer, you can also have your own staff accompany our team to monitor the product usage. It’s up to you, just let us know.

How do you guarantee quality applications?

After countless hours of applying and testing, both in the field and in the lab, we have optimized our application equipment and techniques. We make sure to use the proper nozzle types and ideal flight parameters to guarantee the prescribed coverage is met for your specific crop and product. Our operators are equipped with weather-sensing equipment in order to monitor wind speed, temperature, and humidity, so we know exactly when we should and should not apply. We have worked with hundreds of satisfied producers and are always willing to make adjustments at your request. You are more than welcome to monitor our teams as they service your farm to verify that our service is meeting your expectations. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always email us at or call us at ‪(281) 310-0939 to communicate with us directly.

How do I know the application was done correctly?

As our valued client, you have access to our Agrosol Cloud Portal. Here, you may access intuitive reports for every single flight we made on your property. In these reports, you can see exactly how much we sprayed, when and where we sprayed it, at what altitude and speed we applied, and more. Additionally, we are able to offer you additional insights into your crops, including crop imagery and NDVI analysis, which can help you plan future applications.

Is Hylio licensed to spray with these drones?

Hylio spray teams have all of the necessary licenses/certifications needed to operate in each of the regions we operate in.

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