Hylio offers your business access to a full suite of drone hardware, software, and operational knowledge. With Hylio's technology, any business can seamlessly integrate a drone fleet into their operation. Hylio offers cutting-edge UAV platforms equipped with proprietary delivery technology and redundant safety systems. You will receive all of the backend support you need to upgrade your business with drone technology.


Custom Hardware/Software

  • With the licensing package, you will have access to as many UAV platforms as your operation needs
  • Each of these UAVs is equipped with Hylio's proprietary delivery, tracking, and safety systems
  • Hylio mission-planning and automation software will be at your disposal for simple, complete fleet management

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Customer Support

  • Hylio offers a 24/7 support line to all license customers
  • License agreements will be written uniquely for your business needs
  • Custom hardware changes can be made to optimize flight performance for larger UAS fleets
  • Hylio will fulfill any periodic maintenance needs that require extensive technical knowledge 

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  • Documentation provided includes an extensive user manual, maintenance guides, and operational procedures
  • These guides make training and integration simple
  • Hylio is connected with a network of FAA certified UAS pilots who can be utilized as experienced initial operators for your business 


Powerful Fleet Management Tools

  • Hylio's fleet management software enables businesses to increase efficiency through automation of order fulfillment 
  • Users can monitor and manage their fleet of drones from a centralized command station
  • Hylio works with partners to integrate their existing order system into the Hylio network, digitally passing online orders directly to the UAS