Hylio drones utilize a 3G data system as an additional means of ground station communication. Data collected on the UAS can be encrypted and then streamed directly to anywhere in the world. This multi-directional connection supports sending commands to the UAS. Our fleet management interface is an ideal tool for businesses who need to schedule flights or control their fleet of drones from a centralized location.


Tracking for BVLOS Flight  

  • An on-board 3G system monitors vital information such as location, speed, and battery level for each of their UAS 
  • Users can safely monitor their drone's location as it travels beyond visual range
  • Enterprise operators can use Hylio analytics to improve their business
  • The 3G network can also be used to stream video from integrated cameras mounted on the UAS


Sending Commands

  • Utilizing the 3G system's 2-way connection, missions and commands can be passed to the drone through Hylio's fleet management software
  • For UAV platforms with a mounted camera and gimbal, our fleet management software can be used to control gimbal movements
  • The ability to send commands and initiate missions through the internet allows for many new possibilities of increased autonomy