Starting in January of 2017, Hylio began collaborating with a traditional on-demand courier service, GoPato, to bring drone delivered products to real customers in urban areas of San José. Proprietary Hylio UAS' replaced GoPato's traditional courier force, which consisted of only cars and mopeds. Through thorough inspection and testing with the Costa Rican aviation authority (DGAC), Hylio was granted approval to conduct BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) deliveries within the city. By May of 2017, Hylio was the first company in the world to be conducting drone deliveries beyond line of sight and over densely populated areas, all in real-time, to new customers, everyday. Hylio worked with numerous different restaurant brands, including chains such as McDonald's and Applebees.


Urban Deliveries

Hylio's proprietary reel payload release mechanism allowed for safe deliveries to confined spaces such as balconies and patios.



Hylio delivered up to 3 kilograms of food per delivery from multiple restaurants, including McDonald's, Applebees, AMPM, and many others. 



Hylio delivered food to GoPato customers as they ordered naturally. Some delivery locations were homes or apartments, and others were businesses like the crossfit gym pictured above.


Check out what local Costa Ricans had to say about our drone delivery services:

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