What does this mean for drone delivery?

  • Transportation of property for compensation or hire is ALLOWED.
  • The aircraft, including the payload and cargo must weigh less than 55 lbs total.
  • FAA airworthiness certification for the aircraft is not required.
  • The flight must be within visual line of sight of the operator. Remote viewing of a camera feed on the drone is NOT considered a visual line of sight. Also, the operator cannot be in a moving vehicle or aircraft during the flight.
  • The flight must be within the bounds of the United States airspace (More details and restrictions about where you can fly in Part 107).
  • You cannot fly over anyone who is not involved in the delivery.
  • Most restrictions in Part 107 are waive-able provided the operator shows the operation can be conducted safely. There will be an online process to obtain these waivers in the coming months.

Quick Overview:

  • Drone delivery is now legal in the US!
  • You must maintain physical line of sight with the drone.
  • FAA Part 107 (Link below) outlines where you can and cannot fly.

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