Amazon's New Emergency Self-Destructing UAS / by HYLIO ADMIN

amazon exploding drone.jpg

As the drone revolution marches onward, the public spotlight shines brighter and brighter on the safety of emerging UAS. Amazon recently patented an interesting UAS safety feature: exploding drones. When the autopilot detects a crash or systems failure, the drone will attempt to fly over uninhabited areas and disassemble as it flies. The falling shrapnel will be smaller in size and weight, resulting in less total damage to the fallout area. 

This method of damage mitigation is one of many creative solutions for a very pressing problem. Complicated drones that disassemble mid-flight may some day be an interesting solution to crash damage mitigation. However, Hylio believes in a more robust approach, especially when it comes to safety. The new H2000 UAS boasts a large, automatically deploying parachute, which safely controls any emergency decent to acceptable speeds. This parachute system is completely independent, and will not falter in the instance of any other system failure. A large on-board parachute may not be the most aesthetic, but is absolutely necessary while flying over urban areas.  


Amazon's Self-Destructing Drones