Hylio has been consistently providing UAV applications across El Salvador for over 9 months. As of today, Hylio has 2 spray teams operating in El Salvador. Every day, each team travels in the early morning to a different field and sprays as long as weather conditions permit.

In the last 3 months of operation, Hylio's spray teams were able to provide applications on 92% of all days with acceptable spray conditions. Operational efficiency, application efficacy, and customer satisfaction increase with each completed application.

Hylio Spray Team

Hylio Spray Team


Later in 2018, our teams sprayed many different fungicides and insecticides on primarily sugar cane fields. As the sugar cane crop developed, we transitioned to ripening agents in order to maximize yield in the final weeks of the season. As we turned the corner to 2019, Hylio's teams have followed the market's needs: providing many different applications for different farmers.

Applications range from supplementing deficiencies on a specific field using chemicals such as foliar phosphorous, to multi-chemical blanket fertilizers tailored to a specific crop. Hylio's agronomists work hand in hand with field technicians to determine the ideal application schedule for each field.

As farmers prepare for the coming season, Hylio's team has been providing spot treatment cleanup applications of Roundup. These spot treatments are extremely difficult to do without utilizing UAV sprayers, enabling farmers to maximize usable land area and better prepare their fields for 2019.