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"14 Aerospace companies take flight in Houston"

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"El Salvador creates a unit for monitoring agricultural areas"

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"The crop-spraying drones that go where tractors can't"

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"Task force of Agricultural intelligence, the only one in Central America"

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"Spraying with Drones"

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"Houston area drone company revolutionizes the agriculture industry"

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"Agronomic Insights For Your On-Farm Decisions"

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"El Salvador has a unique intelligence unit in Central America"

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"Drones for agro are taking flight in Honduras"

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Hylio creates crop spraying drone systems that are extremely easy to use and reliable.
Our mission is to make farming easier and more successful for everyone.  
We are proudly American owned and operated; supporting our customers is our top priority.

our story

Hylio's History. First time going to a trade show

Hylio team attending the 2015 International Drone Expo in Los Angeles.

Hylio was birthed in a dorm room by a group of American students at the University of Texas at Austin in early 2015. In its early years, Hylio created enterprise-grade, custom UAS that served customers in a wide variety of sectors including agriculture, public and private research, logistics, and industrial surveying.

Footage from Hylio's drone delivery operations in Costa Rica in 2017.

While we didn’t make mainstream headlines for it, Hylio conducted the first beyond-line-of-sight payload deliveries by drone in Costa Rica in 2017. By late that year, after a few years of servicing multiple sectors, Hylio decided to focus solely on the agricultural industry.

From our early agricultural projects, we had seen that food producers often had no choice but to use slow, expensive, and ineffective tools because there were no alternatives. We decided to commit ourselves to making farming safer, cheaper, easier, and more productive for growers by leveraging our autonomous UAS technology.

Hylio operator deploying three drones for herbicide applications

Hylio operator deploying three drones for herbicide applications on sugar cane.

In order to ensure that our product was truly useful in the field, we decided to get our hands dirty. Between 2017 and 2020, Hylio operated primarily as a custom applicator; we got paid per acre, per application that we serviced. During this time, we were learning hard lessons from every crash, component failure, and software bug that we frustratingly encountered out under the blazing sun.

After three years of servicing, our teams had treated about 50,000 acres of a wide variety of crops including sugar cane, corn, soybeans, citrus fruits, rice, wheat, melons, and more. Through our experiences, we learned what worked and what didn’t. Those hard lessons led to the robust systems we offer today.

Crop spraying drones in a conflict zone

Hylio team performing sugar cane applications in a conflict zone in El Salvador.

By 2020 our technology matured to the point where our spray operations became quite profitable. The failure rate (i.e. crash rate) on the drones had fallen far below 1% and we were able to consistently treat hundreds of acres per team, per day without incident. With our system's value proven, we were able to begin selling the technology to other farmers and applicators.

We began marketing our technology by attending farm shows across the U.S. where we hosted spray demonstrations using our AgroDrones. We have since sold hundreds of drones to hundreds of customers including farmers,  custom applicators, retailers, universities, DoD contractors, vegetation management companies, mosquito control districts, and more.

Hylio now focuses on selling our turnkey AgroDrone packages to customers around the world and providing excellent after-sales support to those users. We are constantly innovating; leading the charge in the precision UAS industry by creating more effective and intelligent hardware and software systems.

Training for crop spraying drones. Hylio staff trains operators of 21st Centaury Equipment

Hylio staff training operators of 21st Century Equipment in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Coastal Spray interfacing with Hylio crop spraying drones

Hylio customer, Coastal Spray, interfacing with a Hylio AG-110 and AG-122.

Hylio demonstrating spray drone technology at Becknology Days

Hylio demonstrating spray drone technology at Becknology Days in Atlanta, Indiana.

Work flow


Easily store and access application reports so you can monitor progress and plan for the future.


Import or create treatment missions using our intuitive mapping interface.

Pulling from our experience as aerial applicators, we design our technology to be as friction-less as possible. The AgroDrone system is reliable, intuitive, and powerful.


Just click "Takeoff" and let your AgroDrone fleet do all of the work.

crop spraying drone without booms



Our system allows customers to take on problems that used to be impossible to tackle. Execute precise crop care procedures like never before.


One-on-one training with Hylio experts.


Hylio's experts are always happy to share their knowledge with our clients. Customer service is a top priority at Hylio and strive to help our clients maximize their yields.


Higher efficiency means savings on costs.


Hylio's AgroDrones do more, with less. Spot treatments can stop infections before they spread. With minimal drift and a low altitude above the crops, the AgroDrones enable small amounts of chemical product to be extremely effective.


Simple start-up and intuitive controls.


Hylio's technology is simple to use when out in the field. Simply click "Takeoff" and let our AgroDrones do the heavy lifting.


Cloud store and instantly access any of your spray missions and application reports. Download 3rd party map files, such as NDVI spot maps, and use them to automatically generate spray missions for the AgroDrones.


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Our technology is ready at moment's notice and is designed to stand up to harsh farm conditions.



Hylio's agronomists, engineers, and technicians understand your needs and are here to help.


Easy to access and read reports show you where every drop landed.


We are proud to be working hand-in-hand with producers and service providers. Your success is our success.


Simply plan your treatments and the AgroDrones do the work.



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