Hylio’s agronomists, engineers, and computer scientists collaborate to determine which technologies and features would create the most value for our customers based on direct feedback from Hylio’s customers and field operators.

Our products are a complex symphony of electro-mechanical, aerospace, ag-tech, and software systems; our great team is constantly working to ensure that all of these components interact seamlessly with one another in order to deliver a reliable, turn-key solution to our end users.

All of Hylio’s code is designed and written in-house by Hylio developer staff and thus Hylio owns that IP. Hylio’s hardware systems are also designed in-house and are proprietary to Hylio; they are manufactured at Hylio’s HQ in the Houston area using a combination of in-house and externally sourced raw components.


If we cannot produce something in-house then we try our best to source it from manufactures/suppliers within the U.S.A. Many of our composite plates, plastics, and tube materials are fabricated by small, medium, and large businesses throughout the United States.

Here at Hylio we attempt to make as many of the base components of the UAS in-house at our manufacturing facility in Richmond, TX. We utilize a wide variety of manufacturing techniques such as CNC metal machining, manual machining, 3D printing (FDM and MJF), plastic vacuum forming, soldering, welding, resin potting, composite lay-ups, tube-bending, and more. We create the majority of the internal PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), power distribution systems, structural joints, sensor mounts, and  device housings right at our headquarters.


Hylio technicians carefully follow Hylio design and assembly schematics in order to arrange the complex array of circuit boards, sensors, physical structural components, and electro-mechanical devices into the complete systems that are recognizable as our AgroDrones.

All of our system assembly occurs at our facility in Richmond, TX. We have a great team of manufacturing technicians from a variety of backgrounds that come together to do their work with pride and respect for Hylio’s end users.


Hylio utilizes a robust system of digital checklists, multi-point inspections, supervisor reviews, inventory cross-referencing, and more in order to ensure that each and every AgroDrone that we ship is built to the customer’s specifications.

Every AgroDrone is test flown and has its auxillary systems tested and calibrated before leaving our facility. The AgroDrones arrive to our customers completely assembled and ready to fly right out of the box. Hylio offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on every drone that we ship out.


Here at Hylio we’re always trying to push further with our technology. We want to equip our customers with robust, user-friendly, and effective technology so that they can overcome the challenges of modern farming.

To meet the rapidly growing demand, we are building out more manufacturing facilities and growing our production team.

We are also growing our hardware and software engineering teams so that we can continue providing cutting edge technology to our clients.


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