Gallon tank

Up to 25

foot swath width

key specifications

Up to 27.5

@ 1 GPA Rate


The original AgroDrone. Designed from direct field experience, this reliable UAS excels at both small-scale and large-scale operations.
The AG-216 is a great, flexible option for many applicators and producers.




From an array of sensors, you have real-time access to vitals such as GPS position, flow-rate, altitude, and more. All flight and treatment data is stored within your account so that you can access as-applied maps, maintenance data, and more within our interface.

We design and build our systems to stand up to the real-life challenges of field work. With aerospace grade materials, redundant sub-systems, and easily serviceable components, our AgroDrones will do the heavy-duty work, day in and day out.

Hylio's AgroDrones can be flown in either autonomous or manual flight control modes. You can command up to four UAS from a single ground station as they complete fully automated operations. Also, each AgroDrone comes with an RC controller for optional manual mode.





The AgroDrones detect and avoid obstacles in real-time using multiple radar sensors. This feature is active in both autonomous and manual control modes. You can fly with confidence in complicated areas thanks to this safety feature.


For many applications, standard GPS accuracy is enough. For applications where you need centimeter-level precision, you can utilize Hylio's RTK base station solution. The GPS units equipped on the AgroDrone are already compatible with the base station; simply set the station up, click, "connect", and then you'll have access to RTK corrections.

eye in the sky

All of our AgroDrones come equipped with 1080p first-person-view video streaming. From the monitor built into the controller, you can see what your AgroDrone sees in real-time. This feature is especially useful for controlling the AgroDrone when doing manual-control applications. You can also stream this camera feed to your ground station laptop or tablet.



AG-216 AgroDrone

Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Long Range Radio

RTK Compatible GPS

Drone Toolkit

Handheld GPS Marker

RC Controller w/ Monitor

Smart LiPo Batteries

Automatic LiPo Chargers

Access to AgroSol Software

Comprehensive Training

Domestic Delivery

Unlimited Remote Support

FAA Regulatory Onboarding

One Year Warranty

HD FPV Video Streaming

Hylio assists with Part 137 onboarding as a complimentary service along with your purchase of any of our UAS. Essentially, we provide thorough guides as well as blank/example documents for every step of the process. You simply need to fill out similar turn in the application documents to your local Flights Standards District Office (FSDO) and eventually FAA officials will visit you for an interview/test to finalize your application. The entire process from start to final approval can take several months. We have seen the process take as little as 2 months and as long as 12 months. Generally speaking, the sooner you start this, the better! You can learn more about drone spraying regulations at our regulations page here.

Purchase of the Enterprise Kit includes a one-year warranty that covers component defects which fall under the manufacturer's (our) responsibility. Inquire for more specifics on the warranty terms and conditions.

Hylio values all of its customers and has a diverse team of agricultural, engineering, and computer science experts that are immediately available via phone, email, and video chat during normal business hours to provide remote technical support. Normal business hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM Central Time to 6:00 PM Central Time.

Purchase includes freight delivery to any location within the continental U.S. For international shipping, extra charges apply.

Purchase of the Enterprise Kit includes full access to comprehensive training materials (primarily video tutorials and written documentation) that cover the maintenance and handling of the UAS, precision agricultural knowledge and techniques, UAS regulations, and safety.

Purchase of the Enterprise Kit includes lifetime access to Hylio's proprietary agricultural UAS ground control software (GCS) called AgroSol. The operator will not have to pay any recurring fees for access to the basic AgroSol GCS features.

Two-channel lithium polymer battery charging units that are capable of charging a pair of batteries (2 batteries) simultaneously. Each charger can charge a pair of batteries in approximately 25-30 minutes. Please note that the charge rate is dependent on variety of factors including voltage and capacity of the power source, temperature, and level of discharge. The chargers are ergonomic and rugged, making them ideal for industrial operations.

22 Amp, 44.4V (977 Watt) lithium-polymer batteries used to power the UAS. The batteries include led indicators for current capacity and estimated lifespan.

Hylio's UAS are designed to fly completely autonomously via computer control, but an RC controller is included that allows for intuitive manual flight control. The controller also doubles as a video monitor for the FPV (First-Person-View) camera feed.

A proprietary, handheld GPS device that integrates directly with AgroSol and allows the operator to conveniently mark field boundaries, obstacles, and other landmarks.

A convenient tool-bag that contains tools the operator needs to operate and maintain the UAS. Includes a torque wrench, pliers, various screwdrivers, a digital level, and other useful tools.

The AG-216 is equipped with two GPS units which are both compatible with RTK correction data. Please note that the RTK ground station component is sold separately.

915 MHz radio telemetry modem which can communicate directly with one, or multiple, Hylio UAS. The radio modem can connect directly to a computer or tablet device via USB. The operator can communicate with the UAS without the need for internet connection.

The UAS comes equipped with a camera that allows the operator to view high definition video in real-time on the included RC controller/monitor device.

The AG-216 is equipped with multiple radars. These radars allow the AG-216 to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time.

Fully autonomous, six-rotor UAS platform designed and manufactured by Hylio, Inc. Comes equipped with a high-precision spraying system consisting of one 4.2 gallon tank, TeeJet nozzles, and electronic flowmeters.

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