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Hylio designs, fabricates, and offers UAS (unmanned aerial systems i.e. “drones”) for the agricultural industry. Our mission is to make farming easier and more successful for our customers.

We are a fast growing technology startup in Richmond, TX focused on developing cutting edge precision agriculture solutions.

We’re seeking team members that are self-motivated, eager to grow with our company, and excited to service our customers.


As a UAS/Mechatronics engineer you will design, prototype, and finalize for production the electromechanical systems that Hylio offers to its customers. Not only does this include the UAS themselves, but auxiliary systems such as telemetry modules, obstacle detection and avoidance modules, ground station computing modules, handheld GIS devices, automatic liquid payload refilling devices, automatic UAS charging stations, sensor gimbal payloads, granular spreader devices, and more. You will work in a dynamic team setting where you will interact with technicians, computer scientists, and other mechanical engineers.

You will be expected to present designs and prototypes in professional review settings with supervising engineering staff. You will also be expected to test fly UAS to verify the validity and functionality of prototyped systems.


  • Utilize CAD and other engineering software applications to design electromechanical components/systems for Hylio’s product offering

  • You work can can involve, but is not limited to:

    • Crop-spraying UAS

    • Sensor UAS (i.e. “scout” drones)

    • Terrestrial, “rover”-type drones

    • Ground stations

    • Telemetry systems

    • Obstacle detection and avoidance with radars, lidars, computer vision, etc.

    • GIS devices

    • Automated payload refilling systems

    • Automated charging and/or battery swapping systems

    • Sensor gimbal payloads

    • Granular spreader/hopper devices

  • Rapid prototyping of systems by leveraging 3D printing, manual machining, CNC machining, and other manufacturing methods

  • Designing and executing tests to determine electromechanical system functionality

  • Test flying UAS to verify designs and gather engineering data

  • Professional presentations of designs and prototypes to supervising engineering staff on a regular basis

  • Development of manufacturing plans for scaled production of electromechanical systems

  • Work in a team setting with other engineers, technicians, and scientists


  • BS/MS in mechanical, aerospace, and/or mechatronics engineering

  • Strong knowledge of mechanical design practices and procedures

  • Strong experience with CAD programs (Solidworks, Fusion360, and/or NX)

  • Strong computer literacy; Use of Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, and various office administrative software applications will be required

  • Preferred: 2-5 years relevant work experience

  • Preferred: direct experience working with UAS

  • Preferred: rapid prototyping and machining experienc


Job Type: Full-time; in-person attendance required
To Apply: Please apply to this listing with a resume.

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